This Is The Least Hygienic Way To Wear Yoga Pants And Leggings

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The only thing to potentially worry about is chafing, and that can be resolved easily with a little oil or salve.

For those of us who experience heart palpitations at the thought of going commando–because you are convinced you will definitely split the seam of your yoga pants in downward dog and then you will be naked in public and it will be your worst nightmare for sure–you have another option.

Wear breathable cotton underwear and embrace the panty line. Cotton is breathable and good for light activity, just be sure to change into clean ones after a sweat session.

Try laser-cut underwear in shorts or briefs or look for cotton bikinis lined with lace edges if you really care about hiding the visibility of your underwear. There are plenty of healthy, yoga-friendly panties out there that beat out the unhygienic thong.

In the end, comfort and health are most important, not silly panty lines. Rock your leggings, but be conscious about what you wear underneath, whether it’s undies or nothing.

How do you feel about going commando in your yoga pants? Share with us below!

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