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All his childhood, Naynesh Chainani was your typical chubby kid. As he grew up, though, Naynesh discovered he was a grown man with an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. Nyanesh reached his heaviest when he was weighing 136 kg. The scale was an eye-opener and he realised his weight was affecting his self-esteem. So he decided he didn’t want to lead a life as an overweight man lacking self-confidence.

How this dude lost 72 kg

The journey from 136 kg to 64 kg may sound very daunting but when Naynesh Chainani broke down his workout routine, it didn’t seem all that difficult after all. What it does require, however, is a whole lot of patience and persistence, especially on the days you don’t want to hit the gym.

How to train to lose weight

Irrespective of your health issues, most gyms simply get you started on cardio on your first day and then alternate it with weight training. This often puts most people off gym in the very first month itself. So when Naynesh decided he needed to lose weight, he didn’t join the gym. Not for the first two months anyway. “I started with 40 minutes of walking, five days a week. The following week, I increased it to six days, after which I kept adding five to ten minutes every couple of weeks,” he says. Sunday was a compulsory rest day.

“After two and a half months of just walking, I developed some stamina and got rid of that lethargic feeling to some extent. My lifestyle wasn’t sedentary anymore, as I was doing some physical activity every day. So the next step was joining a gym. At the gym, I started with an hour of cardio every day and half an hour of circuit training (light weights but fast paced, with minimum to no rest between sets).

“After a few months, I shifted to 30 minutes cardio, followed by an hour of circuit training, and then 30 minutes cardio, again. As my body would used to the exercises, I would raise the bar by increasing the intensity in cardio and weights in circuit training.

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