These Healthy Cereals ACTUALLY Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

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Ariana Pergola

I quickly fell in love with this London based company after finding it at Erewhon (LA’s best supermarket). Nothing beats a bowl of their tigernut granola in a bowl with oat milk, goji berries, and a lot of cinnamon. This combo tastes just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch (but without all the extra sweetness.) After falling in love with the taste, I researched more into the company’s values. First off, Erbology has amazing production methods. All of their ingredients are organic and plant-based, and the cereals are only sweetened by fruits. The cereal is activated and raw which means their ingredients contain the most amount of nutrients possible. Erbology also uses an array of ingredients you’ve probably never heard of before (in a good way). All of their granolas start with a base of tigernuts, a vegetable tuber packed with iron, magnesium and fiber. Tigernuts are a prebiotic, which means they work synergistically with probiotics to keep your gut in good health. Erbology also uses ingredients such as nopal cactus (rich in calcium and flavonoids) and sea buckthorn (full of omega-7 fatty acids). Starting your day with a bowl of their granola will set your body on track to be as productive as possible! Not only is Erbology great for our bodies, but it is supports the environment as well. Erbology is certified “Soil Association Organic,” which essentially means their ingredients are produced in a way that is beneficial to the soils they are grown in. You can read a little more about the importance of soil health in this Spoon article. Lastly, their packaging is entirely recyclable, and biodegradable when possible. 

By purchasing any of these breakfasts cereals, you’re doing yourself and the world a justice.