These Healthy Cereals ACTUALLY Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

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Cereal is a staple food — whether that’s at breakfast, for a mid-day snack, or the ultimate lazy dinner (or the fastest way to satisfy your drunchies). When I stopped eating gluten and refined sugar for my thyroid disorder, I was devastated that I had no tasty cereal options. Tired of watching my friends dive into delicious bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I set off on a mission to find the best healthy cereals that also taste great. Better yet, I discovered each company has a great social mission so you can start your day by bettering the world. 


Riva Cooper

When you’re craving something chocolatey (aka anyone coo coo for Cocoa Puffs), nothing beats Sakara Life’s Cacao + Brazil nut + Ashwaganda granola. This granola is turn-your-milk-brown chocolatey, while still being low in sugar and high in healthy fats. Eating cacao is a great way to help you wake up in the morning, Brazil nuts are high in selenium (an important antioxidant, especially if you have a thyroid disorder), and ashwaganda is an adaptogen that may be beneficial for helping you manage stress and to strengthen your immune system. I always feel amazing and so satisfied after eating a serving of this granola! Sakara puts a lot of effort into making sure all of their ingredients are extremely high quality and always organic. Plus, their meal delivery program supports people following a plant-based lifestyle. 

Pulp Pantry

Riva Cooper

Pulp Pantry has an amazing mission: to reduce food waste by turning nutritious juice pulp into delicious breakfast cereals and snacks, and to help low-income communities access to healthy foods. Every flavor of granola is made with veggies such as carrot or beet pulp, sunflower kernels and other seeds, and is lightly sweetened with coconut sugar. No grains, nuts or refined sugars find their way into these granolas. My favorite part about Pulp Pantry granola is the texture. It is always perfectly crunchy, and the flavor is simple and subtle for those times when you want a true basic. Pro tip: eat with homemade almond milk, banana slices, and cinnamon for a dreamy way to start your day. 

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