The yoga practice that combines exercise, acrobatics and play

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Acroyoga — the partner-based practice you’ve likely seen while scrolling your Instagram feed — is much more than a picturesque social media trend. Inspired by acrobatics, traditional yoga and other therapeutic modalities such as Thai massage, acroyoga boasts a growing community of practitioners around the world, as well as an active ensemble here in Las Vegas. “Typically, yoga is an internal, solo practice, but acroyoga is external and social. It’s playtime for adults, and play is releasing,” says Eric Hebard, founder of Body Shrine, an acroyoga studio in the Valley. Though the poses can look intimidating, this experimental practice offers an array of benefits.

How it works

For each pose, there are typically three to four participants.

1. The flyer: The person who’s balanced in mid-air, twisted up like a pretzel or on top of someone else. The flyer uses strength and balance to create the elevated part of a pose, while his or her partner lends a stable base to facilitate it.

2. The base. The base is the foundation of the pose, on which the partner is able to take flight. Basing requires the individual to “stack” his or her bones and remain steady to support the flyer.

3. The spotter(s): While spotters aren’t usually included in the photos you see online, they’re an integral part of the practice. Their job is to keep both the flyer and the base safe and to assist throughout the pose. Depending on experience level, there are typically one or two spotters present.

How does it compare with other types of yoga?

• Body Shrine, 4970 South Arville St.

• Check out the Acroyoga Las Vegas Facebook group to find information about upcoming jams and special studio classes

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