The Story Behind Blake Lively’s Name Is Kind of Creepy

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Blake Lively is undoubtedly one of the coolest girls in Hollywood. She’s even got a cool-girl name to match. But, during a recent interview with Wired alongside her A Simple Favor co-star Anna Kendrick, Lively shared a rather creepy story about how she got her name in the first place.

During a game of “Wired Autocomplete,” in which the two answered questions people Google about them, Kendrick asked Lively about how she got her name. Lively responded, “My grandmother’s brother was named Blake. But he was murdered. So thanks for asking, Google.”

“She’s so dark,” Kendrick added before moving on.

While it’s unclear if Lively was joking about her great uncle’s demise, she’s at least telling the truth about being named after him.

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