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You may have noticed some not-so-popular TV channels broadcast commercials at midnight and make you think you can obtain the body of Hercules with an investment of $20 monthly. The world of health and fitness is full of such absurd products. They are designed to make you believe they can help you get in shape, lose belly fat, get six pack abs, etc. In reality, these products, capsules, and powders don’t work at all and cause more damage to your health.

4. Hydrogen Water

If someone has suggested you to drink hydrogen water to improve your performance or boost energy level, ask them to talk facts. The truth is no study has ever claimed that drinking hydrogen infused water is good for health and it can improve your athletic performance. No laboratory test has ever validated the idea of drinking hydrogen water for more energy. The water pouches are not only expensive, they are not a healthy alternative to normal water. Remember, those $2 hydrogen water pouches can never replace natural energy supplements.

5. Detox Diets and Cleansing

Many websites promote detox diets and such cleansing products are even endorsed by many celebrities, but in reality, these therapies are not as healthy as they are promoted. According to many doctors and health experts, a human body has enough power to eliminate toxins. There’s no scientific evidence available that validates the claims these products manufacturers and marketers make. Your kidney and liver do a great job of cleansing on a daily basis. If you take some special foods or medicines for detoxification, these supplements will slowly damage your body. When a healthy body itself is capable of reducing the risk of toxins, why take a risk when you’re gaining nothing.

6. Squat Challenges

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