The One Carb You Should Avoid Because It Slows Down Your Metabolism In The Morning

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morning carbs metabolism“If you’re going to eat carbs at breakfast, the best option is pancakes made with coconut and almond flours instead of wheat,” says culinary nutrition expert, Andrea Wien. “They offer a good dose of protein and fat to balance out the carbs.” Good carbs, also known as slow carbs, are rich in fiber so they release energy into the blood stream slowly and help you avoid spikes in insulin and blood sugar. The fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer, so it may assist in weight loss by helping you avoid hungry snack attacks.

morning carbs metabolismAnother great breakfast carb choice is steel-cut oatmeal filled with healthy protein and fiber. The fiber keeps your insulin levels low which may help shrink fat cells. Oatmeal is also chewy and takes longer to eat than other breakfast foods. That means you eat it slowly enough to notice when your body feels full. Top it with fresh fruit, almond milk or a handful of almonds, or a spoonful of low-fat Greek yogurt and drizzle of honey. “People who eat good carbs like oatmeal have more energy, reduced sugar cravings, lose more weight and even have more regular bowel movements”, says Dr. Jennifer Stagg, naturopathic physician.


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