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the Most Likable CEOs in America

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Men and women

When it came to gender differences, extra consideration, apparently, doesn’t translate to larger approval scores for ladies CEOs of public corporations. Reaffirming the fact that the nook workplace continues to be predominantly male territory, solely 5 % of the public corporations we analyzed had ladies in the chief government spot.

Despite that imbalance, ladies CEOs of public organizations acquired 58 % more feedback from the market than their male counterparts. But this added attention didn’t essentially mean a more constructive notion: Ladies CEOs at public corporations earned a mean approval score of 62.5, compared to 67.1 for men.

Finally, the shortage of feminine CEOs in public corporations has made it so individual performance holds higher affect over perceptions of feminine management. Low scores for leaders embroiled in PR disasters — like Marissa Mayer or Mylan’s Heather Bresch — might have an outsized influence on the broader sentiment towards feminine CEOs.

Before Twitter, Fb and the 24/7 information cycle, even probably the most unsavory CEO conduct might go unnoticed. While analysis like the Nationwide CEO Likeability Research doesn’t outline what makes a business chief really “good” or “dangerous,” it does illuminate who’s getting it proper – and where there’s room for reflection and enchancment.

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