The Magnificent Bastard’s Guide To Meeting Your Partner’s Parents

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But Be Your Best Self

There are limits, of course, to the above advice. Your partner clearly thinks you’re someone they can bring home to meet the fam, so don’t disappoint them. Be yourself but bring your A-game. The parental introduction is not the time to be the bro’d-out brute you are around your buddies. Don’t drink too much. Don’t pop a palmful of Xannies to get through the stress. Be present and positive. Be helpful and polite. Put down your smartphone. Show gratitude often. Give a firm handshake. Make eye contact. Smile.

Have An Exit Strategy

That air of mystery you cultivated when you first wooed your partner works wonders on their parents, too. Don’t overstay your welcome or be a stage-five family clinger. When things start winding down, say you’d love to stay but have to leave because of [insert plausible excuse here]. Exit on a high note to leave them loving you and wanting more.


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