The Hoffman Process: What is it and why do celebs love it?

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We’ve long suspected that Justin Bieber is laser-focused on the latest wellness trends and a recent interview confirms that fact. The Biebs opened up to Vogue about his experience with soul-searching at the celebrity-approved Hoffman Institute, which hosts supposedly transformative weeklong retreats in St. Helena, California. Feeling like he wasn’t prepared to meet the demands of the Hoffman Process, the newlywed pop star left the program after a few short days. But we’re still curious about what goes on behind closed doors.

Several celebrities have eagerly endorsed the Hoffman Process. Katy Perry cited her time at the California campus (there’s another one in Connecticut) for providing a “soul foundation.” Sienna Miller depicted her week as “terrifying but extraordinary.” Still, for those who haven’t participated, the Hoffman Process is somewhat shrouded in mystery. I hopped on the phone with Raz Ingrasci, a teacher who worked alongside the late founder of the Hoffman Process, Bob Hoffman. He described the institute as a place for people who want to “change.”

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