The Carnivore Diet Is the All-Beef Weight Loss Fad You Shouldn’t Try

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@consciouscarnivore with @get_repost ・・・ ✨MAKING CARNIVORE WOE AFFORDABLE✨ Farmers market haul of fresh, locally sourced meat & eggs! A lot of people are asking how much I spend & how to make this WOE affordable. My whole haul came to ~90eu (not pictured: I got 24 eggs + 2 steaks + 3 duck pâté… They go fast! ) which may just last me the whole week in terms of meat (just!!). I do receive my weekly supply of 18 duck eggs tomorrow, so my weekly food expense will probably come to ~120CHF (= ~120$). This is cheaper than when I was raw vegan. When I need to cut back, I choose not to comprimise on quality but simply eat more eggs + cheaper cuts: liver, heart & organ meat. There are 3 broad ways in terms of decision-making to make carnivore more affordable: 1️⃣Comprimise quality (my last resort). Conventional meat is generally cheaper than grass-fed organic meat. (but not always! The grass-fed meat I get straight from the farmer is cheaper than conventional meat I would buy from the supermarket). If I had to eat conventional, I would go for leaner cuts, as toxins are stored mainly in adipose tissue (fat) 2️⃣Choose cheaper cuts & animal sources. Beef & veal is generally more expensive than pork and poultry but also more nutrient dense + balanced (fatty acids). Minced meat is cheaper than steak, etc. Odd bits are generally the cheapest + most nutrient dense. 3️⃣Cut out the middle man. Go straight to the source – the farmer! Cow shares are becoming more popular, buying a whole cow is an amazing deal if you have the freezer space + that way you automatically get all sorts of cuts & the benefits of eating nose to tail! There are always options! Decide what your priorities are, what your non-negotiable nutrition sources are & what you do best with & then work around those to make it work. Ex: I do best with red meat, so I will get the minimum amount to feel good, then fill in the gaps with pork & eggs. The most affordable + nutrient dense + nutrient balanced setup I will use if I need is: Grass-fed minced beef + farm eggs + liver & heart + sardines (&bone & marrow!). I can eat for under 10eu a day on this, and feel amazing! #carnivore #carnivorediet #carnivores #zerocarb

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Peterson does admit that there is no medical research to support her approach—and that’s key to keep in mind for anyone who’s curious if they can get the same results subsisting on only beef. “This is a classic story of a single person’s experience being expanded to predict the experience of the masses, and there’s no plausible scientific reason why you would see improvements in mental health when eating in this fashion,” says Roussell. Not to mention that it might not be the diet that “cured” her either; it’s just too big of a leap to make. Read the story as entertainment, he says, rather than taking the extreme approach as medical or nutrition advice.

Plus, it may not be good for your heart in the end—especially depending on the cuts of red meat you’re eating (and if that’s all you’re eating). (People on the carnivore diet heavily rely on fatty cuts of meat.) “Getting your protein mainly by eating red meat (like beef) regularly is associated with up to a 60 percent increased risk for heart disease; this is in contrast to fish, skinless poultry, grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and egg protein, which reduce heart disease,” says John Higgins, MD, professor of cardiovascular medicine with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth in Houston. He recommends the Mediterranean diet to his patients, something research backs up for being both heart healthy and as a treatment for depression.

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For instance, one randomized study published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience found that adults with depression following a Mediterranean diet for three months saw their depression scores improve by 45 percent compared to 27 percent of those undergoing group therapy. Another in BMC Medicine, found that 32 percent of people on a Mediterranean-like diet achieved remission in their depression scores, compared to 8 percent in a support group.

However, that doesn’t mean beef is out. Roussell recommends including beef to support overall health. “Beef contains 10 essential nutrients that can support a healthy functioning body from immune health to brain health to muscular recovery and growth,” he says. His research shows that daily consumption of lean beef alongside a low sat fat diet that includes whole grains and vegetables reduce risk factors for heart disease, he says.

Bottom line: For most of us, the carnivore diet makes no sense.