The Average Weekly Weight Loss on HIIT Treadmill Training

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High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a vigorous exercise regimen that involves short bursts of sprinting followed by short periods of rest or low-intense exercise. Using HIIT with a treadmill is an effective way to benefit from this type of training because it’s easy to vary speeds, and inclines if desired. HIIT is a more efficient way to burn fat compared to steady-state exercise as it takes less time and promotes a beneficial after-burn effect. This causes your body to burn calories at an increased rate even after the exercise session ends.

What to Expect

As with any training program, results may vary. However, treadmill HIIT can lead to fast weight loss results; more importantly, fast fat loss results compared to steady-state training at a moderate intensity. A realistic, and attainable, weight loss goal using three 20- to 30-minute HIIT workouts per week is 1 pound per week. You may lose more or less, but this is the average amount of weight loss to expect. Pushing yourself to exercise at near maximal effort will lead to optimal weight loss results. It’s worth noting that HIIT promotes fat loss and helps maintain lean muscle mass, whereas steady-state exercise may lead to small decreases in lean muscle mass over time. It’s the body fat you’re really looking to lose, and losing 1 pound of pure body fat per week will help tighten your waistline fast.

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