The 7 Things You’ll Know If You’ve Been In A Relationship For Five Years

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Once you hit the five year mark of your relationship, it’s fair to say that some things start to go a little out the window… (See: regular shaving).

But, if your romance does manage to make it to half a decade, congrats- you’ve joined a very elite group of people who know exactly what happens after five years. And hey, it’s not always pretty!

And, if you’re yet to join this gang (dw, it will happen), then these are the seven things you’re sure to find out…

1. You know each others takeaway order like the back of your hand…

Dominos? Medium Pepperoni Passion. Chinese? Chicken chow mein and spring rolls. Nando’s? Medium heat half a chicken with a side of rice and peas.

Yup, once you’ve hit the half decade mark, you can pretty much recite each others’ orders off by heart at the drop of a hat.

Probably because eating is one of your fave past times.


2. It’s basically winter season ALL the time…

Five years mean you’re more than entitled to ditch the razors for basically the majority of the foreseeable future. Right?

With a lack of ‘Netflix and Chill’ with a newbie, you can forget having to spend hours in the shower looking a little something like this…

Because, they love you anyway.

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