The 5 Best Yoga Blocks

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This block from Yoga Design Lab is revolutionary for two reasons: It’s created with a luxurious textured imprint on every side, and it’s made from a non-slip recyclable foam. As a result, it’s the best option for hot yoga, Bikram, pilates, or any other practice that involves sweat because it’s especially grippy and resistant to moisture. This one is available in pink, blue, and black, and $1 of every purchase goes to support yoga youth programs in need. If you’re interested in what reviewers have to say, most of them are thrilled: “I decided to purchase this block after using bamboo blocks provided at my yoga studio that caused slipping and were uncomfortable for practicing crow pose. This block worked great for hot yoga and was comfortable on my arms and head, plus easy to clean.”

Of course, the only downside with this option is that it doesn’t come in a pair like the others on this list. If you buy two, however, you’re entitled to 10 percent off your order, so it won’t wind up costing you that much more.

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