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However, the targets the makers have chosen this time are all new. The highlights are popular scenes such as Karthik falling in love with Jesse in Vinaithaandi Varuvaaya, the climax of Vivegam with Kajal Aggarwal singing and the end of Kamal Haasan’s Devarmagan find a mention in the Shiva film. His comic timing are impeccable and we get some great insights into the glossy world of entertainment too.

With Tamizh Padam 2, director CS Amudhan rubs the sheen off entertainment world as he shows how gritty and grimy shooting a film can be. How stunt scenes are shot or the constraints of budget or how female leads are cast – fair and lovely. In the film, Shiva’s wife Priya dies in the first 15 minutes and he is set on now falling in love with a girl who is “white like maida, and also happens to be a mental,” for that is apparently the trend today.

How does Shiva come to a conclusion about pursuing a girl? He closes his eyes for a minute and the first girl he sees when he opens his eyes – Ramya, played by Disha Pandey – will be his future girlfriend. In the company of his friends, Shiva wonders, “Isn’t it wrong to stalk a girl to make her like me?” His friends tell him that he is the hero and can do what he wants, including kidnapping the girl.

CS Amudhan also addresses the issue of actors in their 50s playing college students by casting Mano Bala and Santhana Bharathi as Shiva’s friends. He pokes fun at makers sticking to formula, pay disparity in the industry and item songs.

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