Surveillance video released from Yoga 101 theft

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Evansville Police continue to investigate several reported thefts at yoga businesses. One of the affected businesses released surveillance video of the suspects. 

Two women are seen walking into Yoga 101 on Lincoln on Wednesday during a class.  
One woman walks down a hallway and into the locker room where employees say she grabbed a car key fob while the second woman stayed on lookout.  
The two women then go outside and steal a wallet and cellphone from a car before putting the key fob back.

April Nading says, “Now, we feel like we need to obviously alert our students and offer them more precautions. You know, our suggestion is that they actually bring their key fobs into class or any valuables. And if they do lock them in the car, again bring their key fobs in.” 

Police say similar thefts happened at Evansville Yoga and “Yoga and More” by two women matching the same description. 

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