Surprising Weight Loss Mistakes, According to Celebrity Trainers

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Weight loss: You’re doing it wrong. Harsh, we know. But if you’re following the traditional “rules” of weight loss—think cutting out all carbs at once—you’re probably unintentionally holding yourself back from reaching your goals.

Good news: Celebrity trainers are here to tell you that the answer to success is really way less painful. Some of the tips they give their A-list and Revenge Body clients? Weigh yourself less, eat more, and *don’t* dramatically overhaul your eating or workout routine overnight.

Ahead, the top mistakes that are holding you back from lasting weight-loss success.

1. Weighing yourself every day.

“Stop weighing yourself every day, please!” says celebrity trainer and Flywheel instructor Lacey Stone. “Women’s weight fluctuates daily with things like their cycle and stress. When you weigh yourself every day, you WILL get discouraged and get more stressed, which will lead to holding on to the weight—the exact opposite reason you stepped on the scale in the first place.”

If you don’t want to ditch the scale entirely (there are better non-scale ways to tell if you’re losing weight!) try these four rules that will keep the scale from wrecking your self-esteem

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