Super-Empaths Are Real, Says Science

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There could be an infinite number of mental, physical and emotional repercussions. Currently, Bowling says, people with mirror-touch report being overwhelmed a lot of the time.

Meanwhile, Dr Banissy has just commenced work on behavioural interventions to address low empathy levels. “His research should show that there are ways we can go in and train people to be more empathetic,” says Bowling. “We need to do the science and get those techniques robust enough to roll out, which would definitely make a lot of people’s lives easier. We have workplace sessions, like disciplinary training and training on how to listen to people, but imagine teaching managers and staff empathy.”

Banissy and Bowling will present their research at “Knowing me, knowing you: Mirror-sensory synaesthesia” on November 10 th at The Old Operating Theatre Museum during the 2018 Festival of Social Science.