Sun Country Passengers Stranded in Mexico Because Of Snow, Timing Of Seasonal Flights

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“It’s very frustrating, and really, it’s astonishing that an airline can fly you somewhere, specifically as part of a vacation package, and then just decide not to come back and get you,” Larson said.

In Cancun, a dozen Twin Cities residents were in the same situation after spending the week on a yoga retreat in Tulum.

Melissa Schoeller and Laurel Van Matre, from Minneapolis, operate Gypset Yoga Retreats. Participants had their return flights canceled on Saturday. The women said they spent hours calling Sun Country’s customer service line with no success. Sunday afternoon, the group was still waiting at the airport. Even after rebooking on other airlines, the flights kept getting delayed.

“We have people that have medication that are out of medication, people that are running out of money,” Schoeller said. “A couple people in our group have high-needs children at home waiting for them. It’s a mess. It’s a disaster.”

“There’s absolutely no communication at all,” Van Matre said. “It’s not that hard to send a text or an email out to let people know what’s going on with their flight.”

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