Sun Country Passengers Stranded in Mexico Because Of Snow, Timing Of Seasonal Flights

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“As disruptive as the current situation is for the affected passengers, the alternative (cancelling other flights to other destinations in order to free up additional aircraft) would have been more disruptive to even more passengers,” said Kelsey Dodson-Smith in an email. Dodson-Smith serves as Sun Country’s vice president of marketing.

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Customers like Brandon Larson, who lives in Prior Lake, said the decision shocked them.

“I was stunned,” Larson said over the phone Sunday from Cabo. “Worst case, we assumed, you know, maybe Monday they’d send a plane down to get us all because the flight back is a fully booked flight. I just assumed, well we may have to be here for another day or two. I couldn’t believe they weren’t sending a plane.”

Larson said he rebooked a return flight and spent nearly $2,000. He said the flight doesn’t get to MSP until early Tuesday morning.

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