Strike a pose: Local creates vibrant yoga pants

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She is currently pursuing her passion by becoming a certified yoga instructor.

As Gargaro has always loved yoga and fashion, the idea to do her own yoga line seemed to be a natural flow—she started Sunia Yoga in June 2017 using all eco-friendly inks and fabric and made in the USA.

The pants are high-waisted and fit comfortably on the hips in breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.The bright colors and all-over graphic patterns draw inspiration from her cultural heritage and childhood in Kerala, South India.

All of the Sunia leggings have Sanskrit names: the Surya (meaning sun) pant allows yogis to vinyasa in gold and green, and the Prana pink and gold pant is named for the all-important breath in yoga, the life-giving force.

Gargaro operates her business out of her home as well as Hera Hub in Carlsbad, a shared office space for women. The space supports female entrepreneurs through workshops and mentoring and, as Gargaro said, also creates an office environment and community that is incredibly motivating.“We all inspire each other,” Gargaro said.

For the past six months, Gargaro has been working on launching a new line of “Mommy and Me” yoga leggings to encourage kids to start practicing yoga at a young age.

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