Strike a pose: Local creates vibrant yoga pants

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Carmel Valley’s Suni Gargaro has started a new line of eco-friendly yoga gear that she hopes will motivate yogis on the mat and bring energy and vibrancy to their practice.

A native of India, Gargaro brings an Eastern-inspired look to her Sunia Yoga line with colorful patterns and designs instead of the basic black.

“I wanted to do something more inspiring and bring bolder colors to yoga pants,” Gargaro said. “I notice when people are wearing them, they seem happier because of the color and their performance improves.”

Back in 2004, Gargaro had her own boutique in the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach, then opened a boutique in La Jolla. After four years she took a break from retail to start a family. With her son Mason now in the second grade at Del Mar Heights Elementary School, she is stepping back into the retail industry—she added her Sunia Yoga line to the e-commerce site that she started back in 2014 to showcase all eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

Gargaro loves yoga and has been practicing it for the last 15 years.

“From the the day I started, I noticed a big shift in my mental and physical well being,” Gargaro said. “Whether I have the best day of my life or really a bad day, I use the philosophy of yoga in my everyday life. Basically, it’s about being in the present moment always.”

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