Stretch, breathe, bleat: Goats hit SSI yoga scene | Life

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“The three that don’t have ear (flaps) are LaManchas, which are the only American breed of goat,” Rubins said. “So, those are the LaManchas, they’re the big 130-pound, big ol’ goats. Everybody else is a Nigerian dwarf, except for Blurt, who is a Nigerian dwarf and pigmy.”
Between the laughter and the bleats, the event appeared to come away as a success — the next session is scheduled for Friday.

The phenomenon of goat yoga has been around for some years, with the most famous example being since Lainey Morse had a birthday party for children at her Willamette Valley, Ore., farm. Heather Davis, her yoga instructor, was hanging out with the goats and suggested they have yoga classes with the goats as a way of adding to the relaxing practice of yoga, what with the sort of meditative state goats appear in while they ruminate.