Stretch, breathe, bleat: Goats hit SSI yoga scene | Life

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“They just have to decompress after getting out of the vehicle,” said Swan Rubins, one of the Hairy Farmpit Girls. “But they love people — especially my bigger ones.”
Rubins and Jennifer Evitts didn’t bring up all of their goats, but enough to keep things interesting. Rubins made sure to tell the yoga students that the goats will chew on just about everything they can. A couple even tried to get a nibble at a reporter’s notepad. Wesolowski explained to the class what she intended on doing with the goats to add different twists to the experience.

“So, the baby ones, I’m going to be able to pick up and place on you,” Wesolowski said.
Minutes later, a goat placed on a woman’s back decided her hair seemed worthy of a taste, and proceeded to daintily munch away.
The goats that came, each having a celebrity pun name, included Michelle Obaaahma, Blurt Russell, Rufus Grainwright, Lady Baa Baa, Felicity Hoofman, Halle Dairy and Harvey Milk.

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