Stormy Daniels set to appear on Ray D’Arcy this week

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The famous porn star, who has been a controversial figure throughout the Trump presidency, will be among the guests chatting with Ray D’Arcy on Saturday.

According to RTÉ, Stormy Daniels will be chatting with D’Arcy about her “wild” last year and her future plans.

“After falling in love with Ireland on my previous visit, I could not be more excited to return,” said Daniels.

“I’m looking forward to speaking with Ray D’Arcy about this wild last year of my life and what I have planned next.” she added.

D’Arcy also voiced his excitement about his guest saying, “I’m looking forward to having a chat with one of the most talked-about women in the world at the moment,”


The 39-year-old has made headlines throughout the year following her alleged affair with president Donald Trump.

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