Start a meditation practice with the help of these 10 products

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The first step in starting a meditation practice is finding a comfortable place to sit. Though you can really sit anywhere, most like to start out on the floor. This mat is easy to fold and the outer case can be removed for cleaning.

If you’re looking for a bit more cushion to rest on, then this round Zafu cushion is for you. According to the product page, the seat can improve your body alignment and can also be used for various yoga poses.

This kit includes a back bolster that you can lie on, an eye pillow, and a neck bolster for neck support. Each piece of the kit is filled with buckwheat.

This belt clip-on can track your activity and breathing, so it can detect when your breath becomes abnormal. By pairing it with the companion app, the Spire Stone tracker can notify you of heightened stress through your phone and provides helpful tips on how to calm your breathing and reduce your stress.

If meditating in silence bothers you, then you might want to consider some background music. This soundtrack features 11 tracks of ambient music to help relax your mind for meditation.

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