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Should the Average American Be Getting a Tax Refund? — The Motley Fool

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While no one likes doing taxes, most filers are finally rewarded for going by way of the effort within the type of a tax refund. Although the numbers fluctuate yr after yr, usually talking, close to 80% of tax filers wind up getting some kind of refund, and it isn’t all the time a small amount. In truth, as my colleague Matthew Frankel reported not so way back, the typical American’s refund for the 2016 tax yr, based mostly on knowledge collected so far, was $2,763 — a 2% improve from the previous yr.

This is the problem, though: Even for those who earn a relatively healthy salary, $2,763 is a reasonably sizable chunk of cash to collect after the very fact. It subsequently raises the query: Ought to the typical American be getting a tax refund at all?


Let’s take a moment to consider what a tax refund really represents. Many recipients regard those refunds as free money, nevertheless it’s that skewed line of considering that will get people into hassle. Contrary to common perception, a tax refund is on no account free money. Moderately, it is money you earned through the yr however didn’t gather till many months after the very fact. And given the variety of People dwelling paycheck to paycheck, the standard tax filer should not be aiming to get a refund at all.

You in all probability want that cash sooner

In a current GoBankingRates survey, 69% of U.S. adults admitted to having lower than $1,000 in the financial institution, whereas 34% owned up to having no savings at all. These findings are in keeping with a Federal Reserve research that discovered that almost half of People aren’t capable of cover a $400 emergency. Moderately, they’d have to borrow money or unload possessions to boost that amount of money.

Because the majority of People have little to no financial savings, it’s truthful to imagine that the majority people do not have a lot, if any, wiggle room in their budgets. And in the event you’re one among them, that’s exactly why forgoing a portion of your earnings each month is a very dangerous factor.

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