Secrets of Yoga

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Controlling prana by a scientific method, we could efficaciously control prana. Control of prana leads to control of the mind, because without prana the mind ceases to vibrate and comes to a standstill. The process by which prana is controlled is known as pranayama.

Behind the recent popular activities for practising Yoga is the desire for perfecting the body. But there cannot be any peace without perfecting the mind. The mind is also matter in its extremely high state of vibration. An accomplished yogi knows how to take his mind by pranayam to the highest state of vibration and attain Samadhi which annihilates all worldly miseries.

The aim of Yoga is this highest good of human life. We must ensure that it doesn’t slide down from its sublime level and gets confined to genuflections. This is ridiculous. There is no end to the secrets of Yoga; the more we practise it correctly the more it unfolds its secrets to us.

The writer is with the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Narendrapur.

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