Scientists Develop Treatment for Tinnitus

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Shore says that a factor, a high explosion, may disrupt the functioning of these cells, which start to communicate with each other and produce noise in the ear. Naturally, the individual does not know about this process, and the noise is heard as if it is from the ear.

Shore confirmed that the University of Michigan had already obtained the patent for the “double-stimulation based treatment” for tinnitus. She pointed out that the double stimulation will not work unless the sound waves are initially tuned in the ear with sound waves in the first stimulus (voice), and with the electrical currents of the brain in the second stimulus (electrode).

In other experiments, the team will work to see which tinnitus sufferers will benefit from the method better than others, because the causes of tinnitus are many and complex. Most of the participants in the trial suffered from tinnitus, which becomes more intense by a sudden movement in the palate or neck.

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