Scientists Develop Treatment for Tinnitus

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Three million German people can now return to their normal life and work thanks to a new treatment for tinnitus or ear ringing. US scientists strongly believe that the tinnitus is caused by the brain, not by the ear. They have been able to treat ear ringing by stimulating certain areas responsible for tinnitus in the brain.

“The German Doctor” magazine published a report by a team of US scientists at the University of Michigan, who said they have achieved remarkable success in the double-stimulation tinnitus therapy.

The method has proven to be effective in reducing patient sufferance by placing a specific acoustic stimulus on the ear, and at the same time, stimulating the brain with an impalpable electrical current.

The researchers put their small electrical current on the areas responsible for tinnitus in the brain by stimulating nerves in the neck or head directly. The double-stimulation method reduced the activity of the tinnitus-emitting regions in the brain, thereby reducing the noise in the ear.

The report showed that tinnitus is caused when some areas of the brain, which primarily act as a filter of nascent sounds, do not function normally and turn into a constant source of buzzing. The researchers said that electrical stimulation returned these brain neurons to function normally.

The difficulty of treating tinnitus comes from the lack of scientific knowledge on the case and its occurrence mechanism, as well as divergence between doctors’ opinions about the source of the underlying noise, and whether it is caused by the ear or the brain, or both. This, of course, hampers the process of finding an efficient tinnitus treatment for millions of people.

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