Sarah Pavan Drops Indoor Career To Become Full Time Beach Player

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Sarah Pavan is one of the best examples of volleyball athletes who excelled at both the indoor and beach games, playing both disciplines of the sport at the highest level. At 6’6″, the lefty opposite has been a hot volleyball commodity ever since graduating from the University of Nebraska. As a pro indoor player, she went on to pursue a great career in the world’s best clubs: Italy’s Conegliano and Casalmaggiore, Brazil’s Unilever, and Chiina’s Shanghai.

However, something was missing for Sarah, as she had always made it clear that making it to the Olympic Games was one of her life’s goals, one that she knew she’d have little chance of achieving if she were to rely in Team Canada’s historic poor performances in qualifying. As a solution, in 2013 she took her talents to the beach to try and qualify for the Games, which she successfully did in 2016 at the Rio Olympics, finishing 5th. But, balancing two professional careers at the same time is a tough endeavor, and since she has now built a very solid beach career, she has recently told the FIVB that she is parting ways with the indoor game to focus solely on the sand towards the 2020 Tokyo Games along with her partner Melissa Paredes:

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