Samantha Lockwood Opens Authentic, Certified Bikram Yoga Studio In Honolulu With Free Introductory Classes

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“We are inviting all Oahu residents to come experience Bikram Yoga taught by certified Bikram teachers,” said Lockwood. “We are offering the original 90 minute, 26 posture series with two breathing exercises that has helped thousands to improve the quality of their health and life.”

Lockwood has been around yoga her entire life. She became the youngest teacher to complete the Bikram Teacher Training in 1999 at the age of 17 and also received a medal for the Best Posture at the completion of her training. Since that time, she has gone on to teach Bikram Yoga across the country and internationally together with Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga.

Her early involvement in yoga was the result of her mother and father who were both successful actors and entrepreneurs that practiced Bikram Yoga in Beverly Hills. Originally from Los Angeles, Lockwood has been a frequent visitor to the islands since childhood and has spent many years between the Hawaiian Islands and California. She lived on Kauai for three years before recently moving to live on Oahu. “Kauai was the first place I enjoyed running a traditional Bikram Yoga studio and I’m looking forward to running this new larger studio space in Honolulu! I can’t wait to bring this healing yoga practice to even more people.”

Similar to her parents, Lockwood began her career as an actress, following in the footsteps of her famous father, veteran sci-fi icon Gary Lockwood (2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)) Star Trek and co-star of two films with Elvis and her mother Denise DuBarry who was in the Black Sheep Squadron and Charlie’s Angels. Lockwood played the leading lady, “Kate” in the Showtime action comedy titled Shoot the Hero (2010) as well as various roles in popular shows like CSI: NY and Hawaii Five-0. She has also been featured in numerous commercials.

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