Safe-ceiling-fan-for-bunk-beds, whilst bunk beds can be a great way to save space, the top bunk in particular can get very warm in the summer months. using a fan can certainly help, but ceiling fans pose a safety risk and pedestal fans can’t usually blow air high enough to reach the top bunk.. One method for battling the perils of comparing ceiling fans with bunk beds is to search for alternatives with shorter sharp edges, and this reduced, 24 inch fan possesses all the necessary qualities impeccably. in addition to the fact that it offers the ideal inclusion and wind current for a little space., keynice usb desk fan, 4 inch table fans, mini clip on fan, portable cooling fan with 2 speed, usb powered stroller fan, 360° rotate usb fan, personal quiet electric fan for home office camping- white.

One way of combating the dangers of juxtaposing ceiling fans with bunk beds is to look for options with shorter blades, and this compact, 24 inch fan fits the bill perfectly., ceiling fan safety: bunk beds the accc has several safety recommendations in relation to ceiling fans. with regards to bunk beds, their recommendation is to ensure the bunk bed is 2m from the fan. my son’s bedroom, while not small, is not wide enough for the bed to be more than 2m from the fan given the fan is in the middle of the room..

I'm putting a bunk bed in a bedroom which now has a ceiling fan. it would be very close to the bed so i imagine i have to remove it. the room definitely needs a fan.