Sadness Circuit Found In Human Brain : Shots

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The study also provides a detailed map of what’s going on in the human brain, which is what doctors and scientists need to look for better treatments for patients with mood disorders.

“It’s really important that we find the circuits underlying mood so we can learn more about them and treat them with tools we are developing that are aimed at circuits.” Those tools include transcranial magnetic stimulation, which uses pulses of energy delivered through the skull to change the activity of brain circuits.

The study also shows the value of the BRAIN Initiative, which was launched by President Obama in 2013, Gordon says.

“The goals of the BRAIN Initiative are to develop tools we can use to get unprecedented access to, and understanding of, the brain,” Gordon says. “This study does both.”

The research team’s funding came in part from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a major supporter of the BRAIN Initiative.

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