Russell Simmons leaves US for Bali yoga retreat amid 12 sex assault probes

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New York Post’s Page Six found out Simmons has been hiding out and getting “re-centered” at a pricey yoga retreat in Bali called The Yoga Barn. A source in the know reports that: “Russell is focusing on yoga and meditation, as well as his spiritual and emotional health. He has also been seen wearing robes and walking the streets and markets of Ubud, the yoga town in the jungle.”

In addition, he’s working on a book. But it’s not about “his side” of the rape stories or addressing any of the allegations against him at all — just a guidebook of sorts on yoga and meditation.

As for the Yoga Barn facility, they recently took a strong stance on their website in support of victims speaking their truths regarding experiences with sexual harassment and misconduct, and they have a strict zero-tolerance policy such behavior at their facility.

Russell is currently under investigation by the NYPD for several of the allegations, so it’s unclear how long he will be able to stay away from his old stomping grounds.

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