Russell Simmons leaves US for Bali yoga retreat amid 12 sex assault probes

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Photo credit: Facebook / Russell Simmons

Music mogul and living legend Russell Simmons is under intense scrutiny and investigation by the New York Police Department for alleged sexual misconduct and rape charges.

After a brief period of clapping back against his accusers, denying the charges of rape and sexual deviancy, Simmons stepped down from his businesses and charities in December. Now Simmons has left his family, his hometown and … the U.S.

Reportedly, a dozen women have given the media and police detailed accounts of Simmons being sexually inappropriate or outright raping them, with the time frame ranging from the late ’80s to relatively recently.

The founder of Def Jam, “Def Comedy Jam,” Phat Farm and many other ventures eventually stepped down from his leading roles at all his businesses. With nothing but free time on his hands as authorities feverishly investigate the women’s accounts, Simmons decided to leave the United States altogether.

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