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Look at it and tell us don’t hear it. We dare you.

If you’ve ever seen TV show Friends, you know that there is one thing all fans can agree on. No, it’s not the infamous Ross/Rachel break, the quality of Chandler’s jokes or if ‘Smelly Cat’ deserves a Grammy nomination. It’s Janice. They all agree that Janice’s voice is annoying, along with her truly loud, cackling laughter.

Now, a picture of actress Maggie Wheeler in the role of the infamous Janice is doing rounds on Twitter and people swear they can hear the picture. A picture. Not a video, just a simple picture. But you can hear it. We promise.

The best thing about loving a cult TV show that everyone also loves – I mean, who doesn’t love FRIENDS?! – is getting to share little inside jokes with a bunch of strangers on the Internet. Re-watching season after season and discovering new, little, interesting details every single time you watch it. The beauty of Twitter is that you can share them with everyone and chances are loads of people will relate and you can all relish in the fact that you now have something new to laugh over. From Janice’s laugh, to Ross’s pet monkey, Rachel’s infinite coffee-serving mishaps or wondering how well the guy who played Gunther is doing in life, these small little Internet moments are as pure as the wild, wild world of Twitter can get. So even if we do have to laugh as the expense of Janice… We’re sure she won’t mind.

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