Rehab yoga beneficial for cardiac patients

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Hyderabad: A yoga-based rehabilitation programme was found to be safe and feasible and has significantly improved the quality of life after cardiac surgery, according to a five-year study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Session.

The patients were randomised to undergo a structured Yoga-CaRe programme comprising meditation, breathing exercises and selected heart friendly yoga poses in addition to life style advices. 


The control group received usual life style advice.

The study was funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research and Medical Research Council of the United Kingdom.

Yoga, walking and other exercises along with a diet and lifestyle management are ancillaries which are found to help people cope after suffering a heart attack. Dr Sunil Kapoor, a senior cardiologist at Apollo Hospitals said, “Exercise is found to be a compulsory ancillary as it helps the blood vessels to dilate in the periphery and that helps the heart. Hence, any form of exercise is recommended as prevention for disease and for a healthy life.”

The Yoga-based Cardiac Rehabilitation (Yoga-CaRe) programme was compared with Enhanced Standard Care (ESC) in patients with heart attacks on their clinical outcomes like death, recurrent heart attacks, stroke, heart-related emergency hospital admissions and quality of life. The study was conducted in 24 centres in India and covered close to 4,000 patients at or immediately after discharge following a heart attack. The programme comprised meditation, breathing exercises and also select heart-friendly yoga poses along with lifestyle advices which were carried out on the control group.

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