Redditors Share Their “They Were Attractive Until…” Stories About People They’ve Dated

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She was attractive until I went to her house.

I was seeing this girl for a couple of weeks, and it seemed like we were hitting it off. She was witty, pretty, and seemed genuinely nice. On our third date, she invites me back to her place, and I agree because duh.

We walk up her driveway, and as she’s unlocking the door, she mentions that her house is “a little messy.” So I’m expecting a place that looks actually lived in. I grew up in a pretty messy house, so I tell her not to worry, I’m sure it’s fine.

She opens up the door, turns on the light, and what I see next will haunt me for the rest of my life. She was one of the worst hoarders I’ve ever seen. Wall to wall stacks of flattened cardboard boxes and other useless s#%t, with just a narrow pathway zigzagging through the living room. The walls looked like someone smeared a lasagna all over it several times and just let it dry. The carpet squished as I stepped inside. God only knows what that mystery liquid was. And the smell? Oh god, the smell. My sense of smell is usually pretty weak. I pretty much have to rub things in my nostrils to smell something, but I could smell her house. I could REALLY smell it, and suddenly I was really glad I normally can’t smell things. I’m fairly certain some poor animal had died somewhere in the house.

I immediately turned around and noped outta there.    -via quiet_neighbor_kid

Sometimes this change of heart comes when the person says something stupid or acts like a jerk, other times things turn ugly when you finally go to their house for the first time. But worst of all are the fine looking folks who try to control you after just a few dates:

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