Ranbir Kapoor on relationship with Alia Bhatt: Don’t want to turn this into a circus

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After sending the grapevine into a tizzy with the news of their nascent romance, Ranbir Kapoor does not want his relationship with Alia Bhatt to turn into a “media circus”.

Ranbir and Alia were crowned the new power couple of Bollywood, after he supposedly admitted that he was dating her and their relationship was at a nascent stage. The actor had further confessed that he was enjoying the “newly in love” phase and he even credited Alia for brining optimism into his life.

Now, in an exclusive interview with India Today, a visibly perturbed Ranbir said that he does not want his relationship to turn into a media circus. “I think when we speak more, we are often misunderstood by the media. I don’t want to turn this into a circus. Whatever I wanted to say, I have. Now, I don’t want to comment on it anymore,” he said.

Industry grapevine suggests that Ranbir and Alia might get hitched before 2020, but Kapoor lashed out at faceless, “villainous” sources who have been spreading such rumours. According to the actor, these sources are the villains in his life.

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