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Love stories, no matter how simple they seem, can often turn into a slippery slope and the question of what exactly it takes to write a good love story remains. Does it arise from the experiences of the writer and filmmaker? Or can it be the result of a manufactured reality where the characters are put in an unrealistic scenario? Or could a love story take a form of its own and go beyond all cliches and boundaries that it finds itself in the beginning? I would like to believe that love stories are often the result of a constant battle between logic and magic in the writers’ room. In Ram and Anupama-starrer Hello Guru Prema Kosame, it’s the logic that overshadows everything else and the magic fizzles out so quickly that you don’t even sense it.

A still from Hello Guru Prema Kosame. YouTube

Directed by Trinadh Rao Nakkina, Hello Guru Prema Kosame is the story of Sanju (Ram), a youngster from Kakinada who comes to Hyderabad to work in a software company. His mother forces him to stay at her friend’s house, and it’s here that he begins to bond with Vishwanath (Prakash Raj) and his daughter Anupama (Anupama Parameshwaran). The rest of the story is about how Sanju falls in love with Anupama and convinces her father.

First things first, the film is staged as a behind-the-scenes conversation between Sanju and Vishwanath about the art of falling in love and its consequences. Right from the moment Sanju realises he’s in love with Anupama, he ends up spending more time with her father discussing the sincerity of his love towards her. The logic being, Vishwanath is the kind of person who won’t break his promise and in the story, he promises to be Sanju’s friend. Thanks to a series of logical permutations and combinations, Sanju convinces Vishwanath that he ought to help him out as a friend. Because Vishwanath is not just Sanju’s friend but also Anupama’s father you are bombarded with endless talk on what’s right and wrong, depending on whether Vishwanath listens to Sanju’s never-ending confessions as a friend or as a father.

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