Pull-string-on-ceiling-fan-broke, if your ceiling fan or the light on the fan doesn't work when the chain is pulled, then the problem is most likely a broken fan pull chain switch. the switch will also need to be replaced if the chain will not pull down or if it broke off inside the fan housing.. Replacing a broken pull chain switch on a ceiling fan. if the chain on your ceiling fan has ever pulled out then this is how to repair it. an easy repair you can do yourself and save lots of money., both for looks and for saving energy, a ceiling fan is a great addition to any home. during the winter, the fan pushes warm air down into living areas. during the summer, it draws warm air upward and away. yet a broken ceiling fan pull chain is a common problem for many owners of ceiling fans..

How to replace the chain that turns a ceiling fan on and off. a broken pull chain on a ceiling fan almost always requires replacement of the on/off switch as a repair. a few models do allow you to ..., today we fix a pull chain for the fan control of a ceiling fan for free. with limited tools. this is an easy fix that takes little time. this video is for entertainment purposes only. i am not ....

Ceiling fans with lights have a pull chainto turn the fan or the lights on or off. these pull chains get pulled on daily and can be broken. if you pull too hard on the pull chain the chain can break or come out of its socket. also, the light switchitself may wear out or fail.