Premiere: Emika Releases ‘Falling In Love With Sadness’ To Benefit Help Musicians UK On World Mental Health Day

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Today is world mental health day, helping to create awareness about the battles many people face with mental health issues. It is often a struggle that isn’t very obvious and doesn’t manifest in the same way as many physical ailments, but can be just as painful. Berlin-based electronic music, Emika is using the day to release her new album Falling In Love With Sadness, which as the title would suggest is heavily influenced by her own struggles. It is being released in coordination with Help Musicians UK to promote their 24/7 help line called MusicMindsMatter.

The record has a deeply personal and melancholic feel to it. Emika describes the struggle to battle her own demons throughout the record like on “Killers” where you tell yourself to just “get back up,” but sometimes something as simple as that can be too tough. The album finds a more slightly upbeat note towards the end with songs like “Escape,” which uses a very danceable bassline to carry the track, but she still is dealing with her own sorrow, using the beat possibly as a way to replicate using a high to chase the feeling she describes in the song. In total, the record finds a balance with soothing and tender melodies, Emika’s soft vocals and soft percussion that draw you into it and force you to pay attention to her story. The album was co-produced with The Exaltics, who are featured on the title track.

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