‘PM Modi great inspiration for youth to stay healthy’ Says Dr. D.R. Kaarthikeyan, former CBI, NHRC Chief

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He advised the students to have the right kind of food in right quantity, avoid harmful substances and engage in physical activities and particularly yoga. “I am born a Hindu and have faith in Hinduism. But I respect all religions. I was invited to Lahore in Pakistan once for a Sufi conference. I was the only vegetarian and Hindu there amidst a few who were fanatics,” he said.

Dr. D.R. Kaarthikeyan, former Director of CBI and Director General, National Human Rights Commission, delivering a lecture at Bhavan’s Priyamvada Birla Institute of Management in city this morning. Picture right shows a section of the audience.

Vice-Chairman of BVB K.B. Ganapathy calling Dr. Kaarthikeyan more a saint than a Police Officer said that there were not many officers of the calibre of Dr. Kaarthikeyan today and that is the reason why IPS Officers’ (Karnataka) Association President ADGP Rajvir Pratap Sharma wrote a letter to Chief Secretary Ratna Prabha conveying his displeasure at the political interference in  Police duties.

“It is very sad that today many do not fear the Police. It is only the good people who fear the Police and respect the law. When there is no fear of the law the lumpen elements take over and the Police are in a dilemma whether to obey the Constitution of the country and the law of the land or the will of the political masters in power. If this situation continues then   we are headed for catastrophe,” he said.

The Police have a perfect role model in the Dr. Kaarthikeyan and if the society is to survive without any disturbance then such kind of officers are necessary and then India truly can look forward to Achhe Din, said Ganapathy.

Earlier, BVB Mysuru Kendra Chairman Dr. A.V. Narasimha Murthy welcomed. BVB Bengaluru Chairman N. Ramanuja also spoke. BVB Mysuru Hon. Treasurer Dr. A.T. Bhashyam proposed a vote of thanks. Lecturer N. Nandini compered the  programme.

shows a section of the audience.

Former CBI Chief bats for  Intl. Yoga event in Mysuru

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