Photos Of Dogs Dressed Up For St. Patrick’s Day Who Are Having A Shamrockin’ Time

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Many of us spend Saint Patrick’s Day heading to a local parade, having several cheers with our friend crew, and rockin’ green from head to toe. The green memo doesn’t have to be solely for us humans, either. Your dog can get into the holiday spirit by wearing something festive as well. In fact, the luck of the Irish must really be true — because I’m feeling oh-so-lucky and blessed to see these photos of dogs dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day.

I probably don’t even need to raid my closet for a St. Pat’s Day outfit, because I’m green with envy of these dog owners who get to dress up their fur babies for the holiday. There’s no shame in dressing up your pup in their most dapper outfits to celebrate. I would use any excuse to put on a cute outfit, so you know these dogs are loving the attention. Plus, when you’re that adorable, you get extra cuddles and treats — and these 10 dogs in St. Patrick’s Day outfits deserve all the love and attention. They could be wearing green just to avoid getting pinched, but when you look that pawsome, you know it’s on purpose.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, doggies. I hope you have a shamrockin’ good time.

1These Pups Look Puggin’ Adorable


If you looked up the meaning of “squad goals,” this would be the picture associated with it. Fur real, look at these pugs rollin’ into St. Patrick’s Day in style. They are ready for a pugsqusite time at the parade, and I’m here for their motivation.

2This Frenchie Looks Spec-Tacular

Rachel Gulotta Photography/Stocksy

This is one dapper doggo. French bulldogs are already too cute to handle, but then you add a tiny hat, bow tie, and glasses into the mix, and my heart is melting. It’s truly too much.

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