Photographs capture a transgender man’s journey to become himself

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Harrison has already met his goal, raising $8,330 (£6,314).

‘It’s beyond luck, karma, blessed, whatever you believe in,’ he said. ‘I honestly never thought I would get to this point in my life.’

Harrison’s friend Reeny prepares his testosterone shot (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
‘My mother has always supported me. Even if it took a minute I’m the favorite’ (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
Harrison with his friend and ex, Heaven (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
It took Harrison a while to be okay with doing shots of testosterone (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
Harrison at 25 (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
Testosterone, a needle and alcohol swab (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
Harrison struggled to find work, but finally got a job as a bartender (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
‘Wanting a beard was one of my first ways of letting my friends know I was going to transition. Now, I have a beautiful red beard that I am very proud of.’ Harrison said. (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
Harrison eats breakfast with his cat (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
Harrison’s journey has made him more comfortable in his body (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
Harrison’s dad supports him fully (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
Harrison is engaged to Sandra, who he describes as ‘everything I’ve always hoped for in a partner (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
‘It’s the rarest of the rare, and the most healthy relationship I could ever hope for. We’re not just partners, we’re best friends. Sandra is my everything.’ (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
‘I’m extremely fortunate to have the people in my life and to even have the transition I’ve had’ (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)
‘Sandra is the dream.’ (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)

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