Photographs capture a transgender man’s journey to become himself

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Harrison is now engaged to Sandra Manzoni, 29, a fellow bartender and air acrobatics performer who he met two years ago.

He’s lucky to have the support of his loved ones.

‘Harrison’s been my soulmate, my companion,’ said Harrison’s dad Robbin. ‘He said he was transitioning and wanted to become a boy and I was fine with that.’

Harrison shaving at 22 (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)

His older sister Jasa added: ‘I knew this was what he wanted to do and I knew it would make him so much happier, and it has so much. I am very proud of him, and the man he has become.’

When Harrison began taking hormones, his friends met up for a party to celebrate the process.

There have been a lot of joyful moments, but Harrison has faced challenges too.

‘When I first started transitioning I couldn’t find a job for the life of me,’ said Harrison. ‘Any time I tried to explain to an interviewer that my deadname wasn’t the name I went by, they just got confused and wouldn’t hire me.’

Healthcare presented a hurdle, as Harrison had to pay thousands over the years for testosterone. He’s now fundraising for his top surgery so he’ll no longer have to put up with the pain caused by wearing a tight binder around his chest.

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