Photographs capture a transgender man’s journey to become himself

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Sara Swaty’s photo series documents one man’s journey to feel more like himself (Picture: SARA SWATY/Reuters)

Seven years ago, Harrison Massie, now 29, began the journey to feel more like himself.

That didn’t mean simply transitioning from female to male, but to become more comfortable in his body.

‘I am not embarrassed to say that I was ever a woman,’ said Harrison. ‘Ultimately it’s a part of who I am and how I was raised, and I love having the perspective of both genders.’

The journey was more than physical, but to capture the visual changes in Harrison’s identity and life, his friend Sara Swaty documented the entire process.

‘In my previous work, I had never had the opportunity to connect with anyone so deeply and document their transition from the very beginning,’ said Sara, who met Harrison as a teenager.

‘I always approached photo shoots with clear concepts and ideas of what I wanted the images to look like. But with Harrison, I was following his lead, and did my best to capture him as he felt, not as how I saw him.’

Harrison at 21 years old (Picture: REUTERS/Sara Swaty)

The resulting photo series is an intimate look at one man’s journey to become his authentic self.

In the pictures you can see Harrison growing a beard, taking hormone injections, and dressing in a more traditionally masculine way, yes, but you can also see the internal transformation – we see him smile, accepting his body, falling in love.

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