Phillip Schofield stunned by woman who says she’s TOO attractive for love on This Morning

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But at the end, he couldn’t help quip sarcastically: “Terrible curse to be so beautiful.”

The mother-of-four has been single since 2003, though.

And she says it is impossible to find the right man to suit her tastes – and to suit her own looks.

She says: “I look half my age and I have men drooling over me all the time, aged from 18 to ancient.”

But the mum has revealed that she wishes she didn’t ‘look so good’ so she could have a better chance at finding a long-term partner, rather than someone who is only interested in her superficially, reports the Mirror.

Dawn adds: “I can’t date a fat, unattractive, old aged man when I look so young and beautiful.

“Guys over 40 are all putting on weight and the women have got a lot of wrinkles,” she told The Sun .

“I haven’t got any.

“I’m not in the same bracket as them.”

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